Hearing Health And Brain Wellness: Making The Connection

A caregiver showing her phone to an older adult with hearing loss.

June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month, so what better time than now to revisit the critical link between cognitive decline and hearing loss. Losing your hearing can severely affect your quality of life as well as your brain health. This month, we’re highlighting the importance of getting your hearing checked and seeking treatment to support both your health and wellness.

Why Hearing Health is Integral to Brain Wellness

Hearing loss can disrupt your everyday activities, but have you considered its impact on your brain? Many daily activities you take for granted help stimulate your brain and keep it healthy. Actions like enjoying a conversation with friends and multitasking are small ways that you keep your brain active. Even mild hearing impairment can reduce brain stimulation and potentially lead to cognitive decline.

Is There A Connection Between Hearing Loss And Dementia?

Untreated hearing loss can cause changes in both brain structure and function. Johns Hopkins University revealed that those with mild hearing loss had double the risk for dementia in comparison to those without hearing loss. Hearing loss also contributes to a decline in social interaction and forces the brain to work harder to process sound, contributing to the risk of dementia.

Protecting Hearing Health And Brain Wellness

Protecting your hearing and your brain go hand in hand. Taking proactive steps to reduce your risk of hearing loss and taking steps to treat hearing loss once onset directly reduces your risk of cognitive decline.

Does Getting A Hearing Aid Help With Dementia?

Hearing aids have been shown to improve communication abilities and provide more brain stimulation. However, hearing loss treatment and improved cognitive function has not been tested in a large randomized study. While research continues to happen, it is recommended to keep up with general health and wellness checkups for older adults and those at high risk for cognitive decline.

Be Proactive: Get Your Hearing Tested Today

The number one thing you can do to protect your hearing and your brain is to schedule regular hearing tests with a trusted audiologist. Our hearing tests happen in three phases, allowing us to get a full understanding of how your ears work to match you with your perfect hearing solution.

Safeguard your cognitive and hearing health - ​​schedule a comprehensive hearing assessment with us today!

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