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Hearing loss is more common than you think. And it’s not always an age-related problem. If you’ve been feeling isolated because your hearing has caused you to miss out or even withdraw from social situations, our highly-trained audiologists can help! Turn the mumbling, misunderstandings, ear ringing and confusion back into:

  • Enjoying conversations in a crowded room again.
  • Participating fully with co-workers on projects again.
  • Hearing the voices of little children again.
  • Picking up the phone and having a conversation with confidence again.
  • Enjoying the radio or TV without cranking the volume to 11 and annoying your friends and family again.
  • Connecting with those you love—again and again!

Our experienced, trusted team of audiologists are ear and hearing specialists who can help you find sound solutions to your hearing healthcare loss and hearing healthcare needs, whether you live in Columbus or Delaware; Dublin or Westerville; and everywhere in between.

Solutions for Hearing Again: So Much to Gain!

Our expert audiologists can provide you all the help you need to hear again; to preserve the hearing you still have while amplifying and clarifying your sound environment with the help of light, discrete, high-tech hearing aids and devices that can improve your quality of life. It all starts with…

Comprehensive Hearing Tests
Hearing loss takes many forms and has many facets; everyone’s condition and sound environment is unique. Some people suffer from tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears). Others experience sudden hearing loss. So hearing tests are an essential first step to evaluating the extent and causes of hearing loss so that the correct hearing solutions can be found just for you.

Get Your Hearing Back!

Your Choice of Hearing Aids

Because we have several locations throughout central Ohio, and because our audiologists are independent hearing healthcare providers, we have access to all the best hearing aids, hearing assistive devices, hearing amplification devices, hearing aid accessories and batteries. This gives you the widest possible choice in finding affordable hearing aids and related equipment that fit your ears and your life best. We even use the Phonak game program; this enables us to customize your hearing aid experience even more.

Hearing Loss Prevention

Cherish the hearing you have by protecting your ears from hearing loss before it happens. If you work or live in a noisy environment, or have any other high-risk hearing factors, take action now with our hearing loss prevention program.

Communicate, connect, understand and enjoy the sounds of life all over again with help from our great team of audiologists. We have six convenient locations so you won’t have to travel far for all the help you need to hear.

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