Hearing Aids

Hear Better with the Best Hearing Aid Technology

Stop living your life in a silent movie! Hearing aids and better-hearing accessories continue to evolve and improve. They are more powerful and more discreet, providing anxiety-free hearing amplification for a variety of situations. At Hearing Health Solutions, we work with all the major hearing aid manufacturers to get you the best equipment possible.

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Hearing Aid Styles & More

If you’re looking at getting hearing aids for the first time, or just looking to replace your current set, you have a variety of options to choose from. By working with our team of audiologists at Hearing Health Solutions, you can work to determine which of the predominant styles works best for you:

  1. Canal hearing aids: CIC (completely-in-the-ear) and ITC (in-the-canal)
  2. In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids
  3. Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids
  4. Lyric hearing aids
  5. Telecoil hearing aids

Hearing Aid Prices

There are a lot of factors that go into hearing aid costs. Check out our comprehensive guide to pricing to learn more about the different costs of hearing aids, as well as the services and support you can expect as part of your purchase.

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Smartphone & Wireless

Wireless technology has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for hearing aids and related devices. New smartphone apps and wireless options make it possible to more easily screen out background noise and target the sounds you’re trying to hear. Some apps even allow you to seamlessly switch from one sound source to another – think taking a phone call in a crowded public place.

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Hearing Aid Accessories

Improve the maintenance and functionality of your hearing aids with a variety of accessories. These range from streaming technology to dehumidifiers that protect the hearing aid’s electronics. Every type of hearing aid has different types of accessories that improve its performance, so learn more about the possibilities here.

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Hearing Aid Batteries

For a person who uses hearing aids, there’s no experience quite so uniquely frustrating as running out of batteries at an inopportune moment. Different types of batteries are compatible with different types of hearing aid, and their longevity can vary significantly as well. Getting into a good routine of ordering new batteries and replacing old ones can make a huge difference for everyone who uses hearing aids, and you can use our insight and expertise to improve yours.

A Guide to Batteries
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Assistive Listening Devices

Distinct from hearing aids, assistive listening devices help people with hearing and/or speaking problems reconnect with the world. These devices include technology to amplify the sounds you want to hear, enhance existing noises so you more easily notice them and more effectively communicate through speech difficulties.

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To find out more about your hearing aid options, or to learn more about repairs for your hearing aids, reach out to Hearing Health Solutions today or schedule an appointment.