Tinnitus Therapy

Treatment Options for Hearing Damage

Tinnitus can make life nearly unbearable: trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, headaches. It can also cause anxiety and stress to build up in your life. And while, sadly, there is not yet a cure for tinnitus, you can receive treatment for tinnitus – sound solutions for tinnitus relief that can make life better.

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Tinnitus Indicators

Constant ringing in the ears is only one of many tinnitus symptoms. Ear ringing can also sound like a nearly deafening roar, incessant clicking or life-sapping hiss, whistle or whine. And it’s one of the most common ear problems – something that about 25 million Americans experience. Most often, it is associated with hearing loss, but it’s actually more complex than that. It also involves abnormal neurological activity inside of the auditory system and parts of the brain controlling attention and emotions – which is another reason tinnitus can be so emotionally draining and difficult to live with.

Because there are so many potential causes of tinnitus, and so many different manifestations of the problem, comprehensive audiometric testing (a hearing test) is essential to getting to the root of your ringing, roaring or hissing so that a successful tinnitus treatment plan can bring you some relief.

What Causes Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is famous for following rock bands, roadies and their audiences. This is because frequent exposure to very loud environments is one of the main causes of tinnitus hearing and neurological disturbance. But it could just as easily be caused by working in a factory or in loud city or traffic conditions without proper ear protection. Here are some other potential causes of tinnitus:

  1. Ear infections
  2. Aging
  3. Other forms of hearing loss
  4. Thyroid dysfunction
  5. Certain medications (more than 200 different “ototoxic” medications can have tinnitus as a side effect, including aspirin)
  6. Lyme disease
  7. Allergies
  8. Tumors
  9. Cardiovascular disease
  10. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)
  11. Anxiety and/or depression
  12. Ear wax buildup


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Diagnosis & Treatment of Tinnitus

Scheduling an appointment for a complete battery of hearing tests with one of our Columbus audiologists is your first step to tinnitus relief. In addition to the audiometric testing that enables us to determine levels of hearing loss, a complete medical history will help us get to the root causes of your problem.

Once we figure out why your ears are ringing, whining or clicking, we can try a number of different tinnitus treatments to bring you relief. Everybody responds differently to treatments, so it may take a few tries to find the treatment or combination of treatments that works best for your situation. Some successful tinnitus relief treatments include:

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Hearing Aids
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Because tinnitus is most often connected with hearing loss, getting the best hearing aids for you can often solve two problems simultaneously: helping you hear better while also masking the tinnitus.

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These small devices look similar to hearing aids, but they are simply designed to make sounds that cancel out the tinnitus to some degree without necessarily doing anything to boost your hearing. They can be helpful for some people, but might also make understanding speech difficult.

White Noise
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Many tinnitus sufferers find relief, at least at bedtime, with radios, fans or other sound generators that make white noise to mask the tinnitus, helping them sleep.

Drug Therapies
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Trying alternative medications that are less likely to cause hearing problems, or also prescribing medications to relieve the anxiety and emotional stress involved with tinnitus, may provide some relief.

Talk Therapy
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Tinnitus has a very strong emotional component because it can worsen anxiety and depression in a vicious-cycle sort of way. After reviewing your case, we may recommend or refer you to a counselor or psychiatrist for assistance. This has been enormously helpful for many people with ringing in the ears.

Neuromonics Tinnitus Therapy
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For the majority of tinnitus sufferers, this combination treatment is the most successful, though it takes the longest time to implement (about 6 months). It brings together hearing aids, counseling and a variety of noise-masking strategies to manage and eventually reduce your sensitivity to tinnitus.

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With tinnitus sound therapy and other treatment for ringing in the ears, there’s no reason to keep losing sleep or suffering throughout your day with constant noise in your ears. Hearing Health Solutions can help you find a way to quiet the noise.

Hearing Aids

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