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The Technology & Support You Get with Your Purchase

How precious would it be to hear your loved ones’ voices again? Or to listen to your favorite music, hear the punchline of that joke at the party, be able to speak up with confidence at your next work meeting? It’s hard to put a price on those amazing quality-of-life upgrades. Our team of audiologists understands that you need to be able to budget for everything that goes into hearing better with hearing aids.

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Exploring Hearing Aid Costs

Because there are so many different styles of hearing aids, it’s impossible to provide a blanket answer to the question, “How much do hearing aids cost?” For that matter, there’s more to a hearing aid purchase than just the device itself; at Hearing Health Solutions, your purchase also includes service, and all the support you need to keep your hearing aids working properly. That’s why we’re here to discuss the factors that go into hearing aid price.

Lifestyle Considerations

First, consider your lifestyle and typical sound environment needs. For example, if you live a quiet life at home with just a few family members, your hearing aid demands will be less than those of someone with a more varied sound lifestyle.

However, if you watch a lot of TV, have a busy social life, work in an office, or are out and about to the store and communicating with a lot of people during the day, you will probably need your hearing aids on and configurable for the entire time you’re awake. So, naturally, you will want to have hearing aids that live up to those demands on a daily basis, which means additional investment and more sophisticated technology.

During your hearing tests and all of the discussions and fittings you have with our audiologist, they can figure out what demands you would ordinarily place on your hearing aids and select from the ones that would best fit with those demands, within your desired price range.

Working out the Value of Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can give you back a sense of connection with people and control over your life. Before settling on the hearing aids you may wear for years to come, sit down and take a personal lifestyle inventory. Figure out all the ways being able to hear better will impact your day-to-day life.

Usually, hearing aids run between $700 and $3,400 per device (including service, which is included in your price). Let’s break down the expenses if you wear them 12 hours a day, every day, for the next year:


$700 hearing aids cost less than 20¢ a day for the whole year. (That’s less than two thin dimes.)


$3,400 hearing aids cost about 80¢ a day over the course of the first year.

In either case, that’s a small price to pay to communicate with your loved ones and enjoy a varied and active lifestyle.

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How Much Should I Pay for Hearing Aids?

There are a lot more options to consider when it comes to choosing hearing aids that are right for you and your budget. Style and extra features are also factored into the price.

For example, there are several different styles of hearing aids. Some are nearly invisible, as they fit all the way into your ear canal. Naturally, these need to be custom molded to fit into your ear, but they are so small that they don’t come with a lot of extra features. Some hearing aids hide behind your ear and provide a host of extra features. Some are designed for people with very active lifestyles. That’s why there isn’t just one answer to this question!

During your hearing tests and hearing aid fittings, your audiologist will discuss the various features with you so you can decide which features will give you the best value in terms of quality of life and how they might best fit into your budget. You also get a 45-day trial period to try out the hearing aids after your fitting so you can be sure those really are the right ones for your needs. And as long as you’re working with Hearing Health Solutions, you have access to any support you may need to keep your devices working properly.
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