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Wireless Compatibility for Hearing Aids

Smartphones can handle nearly any life task these days, including the smooth running of your hearing devices. In fact, when it comes to hearing health, smartphone compatible technology has revolutionized the industry.

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Be Careful When Upgrading Your Smartphone

As helpful as this instant, handheld technology can be, did you know that upgrading your smartphone – or updating its software – can cause issues with your hearing device? For that reason, you should discuss the compatibility of your devices with your Hearing Health Solutions audiologist before making a switch. This way, you can avoid any hiccups in function and continue to get the best performance from your devices.

Wireless Technology Tips
You can learn directly from our expert audiologists about the proper use of your smartphone and other devices in connection with your wireless hearing aids. Check out our collection of videos to learn more!
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Find Smartphone Compatibility Info Online

Below are links to the compatibility pages on our hearing device partners’ websites. We do recommend, however, that you get a quick confirmation from an audiologist to make sure you’re up to speed on the most recent information.

Check the compatibility of your device online*:

* The links provided are third-party references. To ensure compatibility between your smartphone and hearing device, please contact Hearing Health Solutions.

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Wireless Technology

Hearing aids can empower people with even severe hearing loss to communicate, connect and understand the voices and sounds around them again. They do, however, have one significant technological limitation: They are great at amplifying sounds, but they can’t always filter through background noise to help you focus on a particular desired sound. While advanced models can be configured to focus on certain frequencies to minimize these difficulties, any background noise sharing neighboring frequencies can still cause interference – but new wireless technology just made things a whole lot better!

With new wireless hearing aid technology, you get to pick the sounds you want to hear. Call us at 888-638-5095 or schedule an appointment to learn more about this exciting technology.

Fortunately, these frustrations are becoming a thing of the past, because new wireless technology works directly with your hearing aids to can give you more control over what you hear – and when.

Has This Ever Happened to You While Wearing Hearing Aids?

You’re sitting on the couch, watching your favorite comedy. Suddenly, someone turns on the dishwasher. The dog starts snoring and muttering in his sleep. Your neighbor revs a backhoe to start digging that trampoline pit he’d been telling you about. Suddenly, the show’s not so funny anymore because now you’re hearing too much all at once and can’t hone in on the punchlines!

These situations might also strike a familiar chord:

  1. You’re in a work meeting, trying to hear the presentation, but people are whispering right behind you, while the guy next to you is tapping his pencil on the table.
  2. You’re in the supermarket when your phone rings, but you can’t hear the caller over the music and the other shoppers. Then you notice people are staring at you because you’re practically yelling into the phone right there by the bananas.
  3. You’re at your grandson’s 2nd birthday party and he just said something adorable that everyone is laughing at, but you missed it because of all the other 2-year-olds running around squealing.
  4. You’re driving in rush hour traffic listening to the radio and your favorite song comes on just as a dump truck pulls up behind you. Now you have to crank the volume to 11.

Wireless Hearing Aid Technology Can Help You Focus

Sounds may be coming at you from every direction, but new wireless hearing aids come with a “remote control,” a handheld device you can use to choose what your hearing aids listen for. Wireless hearing aids, along with your handheld device, help you hone in on the sounds you want to hear while canceling out other noise distractions, such as ambient music, dump trucks and dishwashers. You won’t have to yell at the bananas, and you won’t have people rolling their eyes at you as you crank the volume on the TV or radio anymore.

How Does Wireless Hearing Aid Technology Work?

New wireless hearing aids come with a wireless device that you can use like a remote control. It tells the hearing aids what to focus on at any given time, whether it’s your mobile phone, a movie, the radio or any other sound.

When your phone rings, all you have to do pick up the call on your phone or directly from your hearing aid, and the voice of the person on the other end is streamed directly into your hearing aids! So even if you’re in a noisy produce section, your hearing aids are amplifying the voice of the person you’re talking with. You don’t have to yell or strain to hear.

The sounds you want to hear are streamed directly into your hearing aids. And check out what else you can do:

  • Connect your phone call hands-free to your hearing aids via Bluetooth® technology
  • Finish watching a movie on TV in one room, then walk into another room to listen to music without manually adjusting your hearing aid – your wireless device simply switches over automatically
  • Drastically reduce the buzzing and whirring noises that you used to have when using electronic devices with your hearing aids.

Learn More about Wireless Hearing Aid Technology in Person

Wireless technology for hearing aids is an exciting development in audiology, and as you can imagine, the demand for them is high. Fortunately, with our team of audiologists in six different locations across central Ohio, we can get you in for an appointment to test out how this new wireless technology can work for you.

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