Hearing Aid Accessories

Tools to Improve Your Hearing Aid Experience

Hearing aid accessories extend the functionality, comfort and lifespan of your hearing aids and make your sound experience richer, longer-lasting and more rewarding. There are different types of hearing devices and top-rated hearing aid brands each have their own accessories, though some accessories can cross over between different brands.

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Answering Your Accessory Questions

At Hearing Health Solutions, we have an extensive network of hearing specialists across central Ohio. This gives us access to all types of hearing aids and hearing aid accessories, so you have a great choice and the ability to find what works best for you. Our expert team of audiologists can help you find the right hearing aids and hearing aid accessories to make your life easier and full of sound again.

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Hearing Aid Accessories: The Basics

During your hearing aid fittings, your audiologist will help you determine what accessories you need, while helping you avoid spending money on what you don’t need. Generally speaking, the following hearing aid accessories are the most common things people find useful.

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You will definitely need these. A growing number of hearing aid models come with rechargeable batteries that come with a charger, but many still run on disposable batteries. We’ll help you get the right batteries for your hearing aids.

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No, we aren’t talking about party streamers; these streamers are devices that enable real-time audio streaming from mobile phones, computers, MP3 players, TVs, etc. Streamers can even work with Bluetooth©-enabled devices or devices with audio-out/mic jacks. They actually pipe the desired sound right into your hearing aids for amazing sound quality.

Dehumidifiers for Hearing Aids
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You might also have heard the term “dry jar” attached to hearing aid dehumidifiers. Hearing aids are made of sensitive electronic components that, although they are encased and protected, can still be vulnerable in humid climates or other moist environments. There several different types of hearing aid dehumidifiers, some of which even keep them sanitized as well. Many brands of hearing aids come with a dehumidifier recommended for that particular set.

Roger Microphones
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The Roger microphone, designed by Phonak, is built to work with hearing aids to improve speech understanding across greater distances or in noisier environments. The Roger system consists of a receiver, which can be installed in your hearing aid by a hearing health professional, and a microphone that streams directly to the hearing aid. It adapts to changes in volume by automatically adjusting volume to emphasize the speaker’s voice.

Remote Microphones
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Built for improving speech intelligibility, remote microphones are made to work in conjunction with hearing aids. Once a remote microphone picks up on a speech signal, it delivers it directly to the patient’s hearing aid, making it easier to understand voices over background noise.

Hearing Aid Management

In addition to accessories that improve the functionality of hearing aids and other devices, there are also items that aid in their maintenance, including the below items.

  • Ear Wax Remover

    Everybody produces ear wax at different rates, and some people produce quite a bit. There are various solutions that help dissolve ear wax so it doesn’t clog the hearing aids.

  • EarGene

    Learning to wear hearing aids can be challenging at first. This lotion helps refresh and soothe your ears so the fit is more comfortable. It also relieves itching and improves ear hygiene, which is especially important for hearing aid users.

  • Picks, Guards, Wax Brushes

    It’s important to keep your hearing aids clean. These accessories help you remove ear wax from these sensitive components to keep them working at optimum levels.

Options for Your Hearing Aid Accessories

These are a few of the hearing aid accessories you might need, depending on the brand and style of hearing aids you choose. And to make it easier, many sets of hearing aids actually come with some of these accessories in the kit already. Some other items that hearing aid users might find useful include telephone pads and phones specifically designed to use with hearing assistive devices. We even carry Bluetooth©-enabled hearing aids with mobile devices that enable you to get a whole lot more out of your sound environment than you ever thought possible.

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Our audiologists understand that everyone has individual needs when it comes to hearing solutions. It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with your hearing aids, their accessories and our service in helping you find what you need. Most of our hearing aids come with a 30-day trial period so you can be absolutely sure you’re getting the best fit for your lifestyle and hearing needs.

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