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Here at Hearing Health Solutions, thorough hearing testing is an absolutely essential step along the path of improving the quality of life with better hearing. They are designed to evaluate how well your ears work – specifically, how well your ears receive and process the sounds in your environment.

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What Can I Expect at a Hearing Test?

When you arrive for your appointment, our office staff will provide you with important forms about your medical history, personal information and insurance information. Our office team is very helpful, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Next, one of our experienced audiology doctors (hearing specialists) will talk with you about your situation. We will ask about your medical history, your symptoms and any other concerns you might have. We will specifically ask you questions regarding what kinds of sound environments you typically struggle with and any other hearing loss indicators you have noticed (such as struggling to decipher individual conversations in a noisy room or constant ringing in ears).

  • Otoscopic Examination

    First, the hearing loss test begins with a visual inspection of your ears using an otoscope. You have probably seen otoscopes many times in your life already at regular medical checkups.

    It consists of a handle with long, narrow tube that fits into your ear canal. The otoscope magnifies and illuminates a picture of the inside of your ears. We can look at the appearance and color of the skin and eardrum, and see if there are any obstructions, ear wax, or physical damage to the ear canal or eardrum.

  • Pure Tone Testing

    Next, we get down to the hearing tests that evaluate your ability to hear certain frequencies and voices, as well as how you hear in various environments. You will go into a soundproof room and be fitted with a bone conductor and a set…

    of headphones, through which our audiologist will play different sounds in different frequencies into your ear. These sounds will also include speech played at different volumes and with varying levels of noise interference. Your reactions to these tests are recorded in an “audiogram,” which gives us answers to the following questions:

    • Do you suffer from hearing loss?
    • If so, to what extent?
    • What frequencies are most affected?
    • Is one ear affected more than the other, or are there problems in both ears?
  • Speech Testing

    This stage of the testing determines the threshold for softest level of speech you can perceive, as well as recognition testing, which measures how well you can comprehend a list of words presented to you at a comfortable…

    volume level determined by the previous test. The score from this stage of testing helps us determine how useful hearing aids will be for you, as well as how well your brain can interpret audio signals and the different sounds of speech.

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Sound Solutions for Overcoming Hearing Loss

If your hearing tests indicate hearing loss, our audiologists can help. Today’s technological advances in hearing healthcare have given us a lot of options for you to consider, and we will take the time to inform you about the ones that might best fit your personal needs. If your situation calls for hearing aids, we will provide a hearing aid comparison, discuss prices and make recommendations on particular brands that will address your individual hearing loss concerns.

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Hearing Tests to Turn Up the Volume

You can’t fix a problem if you don’t understand it. If you have been frustrated because you don’t hear everything people say to you, or think everyone is mumbling, or have any of the other symptoms of hearing loss, take action now! Schedule a hearing loss test with one of our experienced audiologists and get to the root of the problem, so we can help you find a solution tailored to you.

Start Hearing Again!

Say goodbye to living the quiet, disconnected life, and enjoy listening to the people and things you love! Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a hearing test at any of our six convenient locations.